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Out With the Old

Posted on: January 4, 2011

...where it all hangs out.

This is the first challenge I have chosen to tackle in 2011.

I have always had trouble getting started.  I’m a planner.  Oh, I can make some great plans.  Grandiose plans.  Plans that would make you laugh and cry.  But I never get around to making those plans happen.

But this year is going to be different!  Yeah, different, I say!  I am going to clean up this clutter once and for all.  If it takes me all year.  Which it probably will.

So wouldn’t you like to be dragged along with me on this journey?  I have decided to start at my back door.  And here you see what you would see if you were to come in my back door and turn immediately to your left.  Where there is a kitchen counter, so you wouldn’t turn left, unless you wanted to lean on the counter or help yourself to one of those ginormous bags of dog or cat food.  Or maybe get a hat or a scarf or an umbrella or a tote bag.

My challenge for this week is to clean up this corner.  I took the picture this morning and then things went from bad to worse.  See the box the kitty is in?

That would be Pumpkin.  Well, the purpose of the box on the counter was originally to pack stuff in to take to Goodwill.  So I emptied the box outside (bye bye, Punk) and instead of tackling the corner, I packed it with something that has been bothering me for a long, long time.

Aren’t these cool?  I got them at a yard sale our church had many moons ago.  I believe they are handpainted and I know they are vintage.  That’s a cool way of saying they are old.  Have I ever used them?  Ugh, no way.  They probably have been in some granny’s attic for forty years and they have had spiders living in them.  Will I ever use them?  No.  But they are cool, aren’t they?  But they have to go.  Because they are taking up what organizational experts call Valuable Real Estate.

The question for me is, as it always is, should I donate them, sell them on eBay, or pack them up, put them in the garage, and try to sell them on the off chance I one day have a yard sale?  See, this is the very crux of my problem getting rid of clutter.  I overthink everything.

So, end of day one.  I packed up the glasses and put the box back on the counter.  Oh, yeah, and I added a bag of stuff that I have to take to the dump tomorrow for recycling.  Hope day two goes better.  I’ll keep you posted.


3 Responses to "Out With the Old"

Nice! I’m looking forward to watching the process. Good luck!

My recommendation for the chicken glasses – give them away. They’ll be gone and you’ll feel altruistic. If they have cash value, someone with more time may be able to get something for them. If not, perhaps someone will enjoy drinking out of them.

I’d gather a pile of stuff and offer it for “giveaway” in Your Bulletin Board.

You are absolutely right. They are going to Goodwill tomorrow. Or Wednesday.

And I have a bulletin board?

Keep it up! Things always get worse before they get better!

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