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Keep Calm and Carry On

Posted on: January 5, 2011

My New Motto

So here I am all optimistic about the New Year and New Start and all that, and of course life intervenes. 

My mother-in-law lives about ten minutes down the road, if you drive on the winding country road and go really fast.  She will be 86 on January 18, and through a precarious combination of God’s grace, careful planning and hired help my husband and I have managed to keep her in her own home with her faithful but ancient dog, Jake. 

My husband and I have discussed in painful detail every health problem and possible complication that can arise with his mom, but apparently never factored into our careful plans that it might be Jake who we end up having to spoon-feed and carry to the bathroom.  Nevertheless, the poor dog apparently suffered a stroke yesterday.  He wasn’t able to eat yesterday and could barely walk, and dh and I assumed that the humane to a fault vet that we go to would recommend putting Jake to sleep.

I’m not trying to be cruel, but it’s not like Jake is a puppy or anything.  He’s a good 13 years old, at least, and probably much older.  He has terrible arthritis and on a good day hobbles around.  He can’t walk across the tile floor of the kitchen and so takes his meals in the dining room.  But the vet felt there was a chance that he might “bounce back” from the stroke, so he gave Jake a shot of steroids and is taking a “wait and see” approach.

So basically I spent all day yesterday literally hauling Jake (who is a German Shepherd mix and therefore kinda heavy) back and forth, in and out, and ultimately to the vet.

Which is why I’m glad I gave myself a week to work on this corner.  And look what I’ve done so far!

What's going on here? Where's my box?

The empty box that Pumpkin called home was used to pack up the rooster glasses, which are now in the back of my car awaiting the trip to Goodwill.  The other box that was behind it contained three blocks of clay that my daughter had used to make a sculpture for her art school portfolio.  One block was completely dried out and went to the dump.  The other two lumps went to a young artist who can hopefully have some fun with them.

A can of lacquer thinner that was borrowed was returned to it’s owner, and a bottle of gas additive moved to the garage.  Two purses went into the car for the eminent Goodwill trip, other tote bags and an umbrella were folded and put into the big, colorful tote bag.  The mop and broom were moved to the laundry closet, and the dog and cat food bags were stored under the counter.

I need to work on the big pile of hats, which may be problematic.  Most of them belong to my husband, who never wears them but keeps them for sentimental reasons, although he hasn’t touched the stack in years.  My plan is to get a big basket, label it “hats”, and put it on the shelf in the laundry room (where we also keep our coats — we don’t have many closets in this house).

It has crossed my mind that if I continue in this vein I will eventually get to the room where I’ve been putting everything that I don’t know what to do with, and will simply disappear into the clutter and never be seen or heard from again.  But I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.

In the mean time, Clutter Busters, let’s Keep Calm and Carry On.


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