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Seven Pounds

Posted on: January 10, 2011

Friday night:  First meeting of the Churchladies United for Better Bodies (CHUBB).  Five attending.  Scale indicates that I have gained 7 pounds since I last had my cholesterol checked, in late October.

This is not a great surprise, as I have been eating like a lumberjack on steroids since the giddy day the doctor commended me for losing 20 pounds.  What a grand celebration it has been.  What an accumulation of junk in my trunk.

I was reading Weight Watchers magazine last week (reading Weight Watchers burns 48 calories per hour) and came across the article “Kitchen Help!” 

“Do you duck for cover every time you open a cabinet?  Then it’s time to reclaim your space!  Bonus?  Organizing your kitchen space will help you refocus on your weight loss.”

Oh happy day!  Today’s first task was to clean out the fridge.  Actually, I started cleaning out the refrigerator Friday evening, after the CHUBB meeting, by eating all the good leftovers in preparation for my weight loss effort which was to start Monday morning.  The weekend consisted of lying on the couch, eating, and reading the first two books of Jasper Fforde’s hilarious “Thursday Next” series.  (Which, by the way, I highly recommend.)

But in the sense of “throwing away food which has been in the fridge since the Clinton administration”, I tackled it before even eating breakfast this morning, in hopes that the task would ruin my appetite for the day.  So now I have an empty fridge, and naturally a snow/ice storm of Biblical proportions is bearing down on us, so now I have to go to the store.  To stock up, of course, on chicken breasts, fresh spinach, low-fat yoghurt and skim milk.

I am so looking forward to the next few days.

The back of my car, all loaded up for Goodwill. Getting rid of half of the Christmas tins was hard, but worth it.


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