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The Year Thus Far

Posted on: February 7, 2011

"Friends" Card
This is a card I made for Operation Write Home.

So far in 2011, I have:

Eaten far too much.

Saved far too little.

Exercised not at all.

On the other hand, I have:

Visited the nursing home.  Not eaten out nearly as much as I used to.  Made a delicious new recipe.   Not wasted gas.  Not slipped an extra prozac into my mother-in-law’s Ensure.  Not stolen my mother-in-law’s prozac.  Helped a couple of really nice people out with their kids.  Had a very nice lunch with a good friend.  Had a very nice visit with my parents and my adorable 3-year old nephew, Xander.  Gone to church.  Donated to good causes.  Kept pretty much on top of the laundry.  Celebrated my baby’s getting into the top public art school in the nation.  Also celebrated when we found out that she will be graduating fourth in her class.  Read a couple of really good books.  Gotten free toilet paper.   Cleaned out a bookcase.  Made a few bucks on eBay.

All in all, not a bad January.

February will be even better!


7 Responses to "The Year Thus Far"

What a sweet card, love the colors…wonderful work…Thanks for playing…Silli DT

Oh how cute! Thanks for joining us at the Hoedown this week! I look forward to seeing your next card!

Those colors are so sweet for this little girl! Thanks for playing along in our first challenge at Hambo Hoedown!

What a funny post Valerie! If you steal some of that prozac, please save some for MY MIL. The world doesn’t have enough pastel sports jerseys, so I’m glad you’re doing your part to change that. Cute card — thanks for playing along with us!

sooo cute, thanks for playing with Hambo stamps! Joy DT

Sounds like a pretty good year, so far!

All of the things that you DID do involve not only exercising, but helping others, which can turn out to be the most lucrative kind of savings. The “eating far too much” part I can’t help you justify, aside from saying I’d rather have a happy mom than a skinny mom any day.

My sweet girl. Thanks for the CDs, I’m going to put one in the car to listen to while I run my errands tomorrow. Look in your mailbox Saturday or Monday — Valentines surprises on the way! Love you!

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