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Reelin’ In the Years!

Posted on: April 22, 2012

Remember that old song by Steely Dan?  I always liked that band because they were from Virginia, same as me.  I grew up in Williamsburg and they mentioned our local college, William and Mary, in “My Old School.”  I guess that really dates me, huh?

This week’s challenge at the Hambo Hoedown features an adorable digital stamp called “Candles.”  And these are no ordinary candles….this is a veritable PARADE of candles, with running shoes on!  The challenge was to include FOUR of something on our card, because there are four candles.  Here’s my card.

Hambo Hoedown 62 - Candles

Oh how the years run by!

My original idea was to have four squares of patterned paper underneath the candles.   I really like my pretty yellow cardstock, and the way I alternated the directions of the stripes in the patterned paper.  But I am unhappy with the way the striped squares don’t stand out against the light colored base cardstock.  I wish I had matted each square, or even used a dark card stock for the base.  But it is what it is, and since the squares are not as defined as I like, I added four rhinestone stickers over the sentiment.  So you could say I doubled the challenge for double the fun!

My last couple of cards, I have colored the digital stamps with art school daughter’s Prismacolors, because she took her pretty watercolors with her.  This week I felt like I deserved a treat, so I bought my own pretty watercolors and some teeny tiny little paintbrushes.  I need some practice with those bad boys, though, as this effort is just  a bit more smeary than I had intended.

As always, I thank the creative folks at Hambo Stamps for their adorable artwork.  No matter how busy I am I love to try to participate in the Hambo Hoedown Challenge, because their digital stamps are far and away the cutest ones I have ever seen!  Head over there and give them some love, and tell them I sent you!


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