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A Dream Slooooooowly Coming True: My Craft/Guest Room

Posted on: June 30, 2012

I sure do miss my college girls, but there is one good thing about my babies growing up and moving out:  a spare room!

Here are two of the prints that started it all.  I got four beautiful vintage framed prints at a local auction for fifteen bucks.  I love the oriental feel and the colors, so I decided to do the room around these prints.

Two of my four beautiful oriental prints.

I wanted a classy kind of warm gray for the walls.  Here’s what the walls looked like before.  I think we re-did Pattie’s room for her one summer while she was away at GA camp.  She picked the light purple paint and the dark purple butterflies stenciled on the walls.  It must have been at least six or seven years ago.  It’s a little sad to see them go, but little girls grow up and change from butterflies on the wall to Hello Kitty 8-).

I must admit I patted myself on the back a couple of times for fixing all the little nail holes in the walls rather than just painting over them.  In truth I just did it to procrastinate.  I put off actually painting for a long time, afraid that I would mess it up.  And to be truthful, I did.  Instead of waiting to get to the hardware store to buy an edger, I just did the edges with a sponge brush, and ended up getting gray paint all over the white trim.  Now I have to repaint the trim as well.  Here’s my gray, and my little painting buddy.  I don’t know why, but Stargazer likes to watch me paint.

Yikes!  That’s a scary pic of Stargazer.  She actually looks more like this:

Jessica says she looks like Wilfred T. Brimley.

I used Glidden paint plus primer, from Wal-mart.  It’s a little more expensive, but one gallon is going to do this whole room.  It covers really, really well.

Pattie had a pretty beat up white bookshelf with some stains and stickers on it, so I painted that with semi-gloss paint in a rich brown.  This is where I’m going to store most of my scrapbooking/card making materials, in baskets.

I have done two walls.  The next step is to move everything off of the other two walls and get the other walls done, and then I get all the fun of putting everything back and trying to arrange it all.  Updates to come!


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